Multiple OS Personality Disorder

Posted on Wed 25 July 2018 in misc

or, Win10, WSL, and the Impending Death of OSX

From its very beginnings, Apple advertised OS X as "Unix for people who don't want to deal with Linux on their laptop, that also runs MS Office and Adobe stuff." Given the rather dire state of laptop hardware support on Linux …

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Installing Debian on the Softiron Overdrive 1000

Posted on Thu 18 January 2018 in misc


The Overdrive 1000 is a mini-ITX 64-bit ARM dev kit with an AMD Opteron A1120, ECC RAM, USB serial console in lieu of a GPU, and a respectable mount of I/O abilities. You'd think that a system like that would at least come with a decent OS preinstalled so …

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Posted on Sun 03 September 2017 in misc

The modern web has a disturbing tendency towards overengineering things. This is probably because most """web sites""" are actually huge multi user applications with JavaScript frontends that exceed GNU Emacs in size, complexity, and memory footprint. Even many of the "static site generators" are stupidly overcomplicated if all you need …

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Campus of Eden

Posted on Sun 02 April 2017 in misc

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Blogging with Pelican and Syncthing

Posted on Sun 26 March 2017 in misc

Over the past few months I found that I was spending more time and effort rsyncing my writing directory between systems than I was actually writing blog posts, which is in part why I made so few of them. This was stupid, as it flies in the face of …

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Praise Kek and Check 'em: Religion in the Age of the Internet

Posted on Sat 25 March 2017 in misc

The Internet, that great achievement of science and technology, is developing its own religion. This isn't immediately obvious to outsiders, in part because the same people most likely to believe are also the most likely to understand that Christianity is still the best moral and ethical system for the masses …

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Posted on Mon 19 December 2016 in misc

Donald Trump is the President-Elect as confirmed by the Electoral College. We are now in the Mosins on Mars timeline. Thank God almighty we didn't get stuck with the crazy bitch who would have started WWIII instead.

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Neighbor Discovery - Not Just for IPv6 Hosts Anymore

Posted on Sat 23 July 2016 in misc

Much is made of the decline of people doing things with their neighbors. Supposedly this means that American society has become too atomized, or that we're all too busy playing with our shiny electronic doodads to pick our heads up from the screen and enjoy the real world, or other …

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There's No Place Like Home

Posted on Mon 25 April 2016 in misc

view from the ferry

It is a beautiful sunny day in Puget Sound. After three and a half years of work in Chicago, I have finally returned to the place where I belong. It's not official yet, but I'm taking the ferry across the sound to look for a new place to rent, so …

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Can't Fool the Mule

Posted on Sat 19 March 2016 in misc

An Explanation of the Trump Phenomenon to Asimov Fans

Many of you are probably wondering how Donald Trump is so successful as a Presidential candidate. You might also be wondering how it is that the left and the right wings of the establishment, supposedly mortal enemies in this oh so …

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