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It's Not Dead Yet

I wrote once that WSL would kill the Mac. I completely missed the implications of Apple silicon. I'm writing this on an M1 Pro rMBP and it's wonderful. Other people have written about the objective performance, so I'll just say that Windows has been steadily declining in UX quality since Windows 7 and WSL2 is literally just a Hyper-V VM. Mac's position as Unix with proper hardware integration and a native desktop UI is restored. GNOME has proceeded to thoroughly shit itself, to the point that I would prefer running a Mac to running GNOME based GNU/Linux on desktop. KDE Plasma's Wayland session is also wonderful, and I use it on my Ryzen desktop, but for running on Apple silicon, Apple OSes make sense. That irritates me because Apple is now embracing the signed binary nonsense that Windows does... but somehow it's implemented more tolerably. Ah well, it's better than being stuck on Windows for a job focused on Git and Kubernetes.

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