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Noblesse Oblige

Democrats basically see white people as the aristocracy, which white Dems hate themselves for. All the racecom stuff is soothing their feelings of guilt, which would be a lot more tolerable if it wasn't enshrined in law. This actually explains why D billionaires splash funding around and R billionaires want a pitch deck. For the upper two income quintiles, party affiliation is predicated on whether or not one feels a sense of noblesse oblige, rather than a rational consideration of platforms. This also extends to foreign policy (read: foreigners are incompetent browns who need help to live). Both sides agree on the basic truth deep down, but only Trump had the balls to say out loud that we were taking charity too far while our own people suffer. This is why the right message to reach out to the left is "charity begins at home". Agree and amplify that altruistic impulse, just show them white people aren't evil and are in fact the piggy bank they've been draining for pet causes since 1945. I don't have an exact formula, but if you can frame this message coded as high status obligation to the hinterlands rather than "haw haw them sitay folk an their book larnin dun have no money without us" it should sway some baizuo.

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