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Sick Day

A nasty little virus declared war against my immune system, so this past week has been a counteroffensive. I've gone through about three bottles of foo-quil and had more REM sleep than I have in the past month or three. Whether that indicates I was chronically sleep deprived is a question for another day. At any rate, I feel fine now, but I managed to completely invert my sleep cycle in the process, so I woke up fresh as a daisy... at 9pm on Sunday, when I have to be at work at 7am on Monday. So now I'm having a surprise revisit of old habits from college, grinding the night away in Vim on a sticker-bedecked laptop while I listen to weebshit internet music streams. My vimrc is actually the same one I've been cultivating since college as well. Oh well, here's to a combination of a late night and a heavily caffeinated kickstart working as well now as they did back then.